Meet Our Pastors

Michael & Lisa Collins have been married for over 25 years.  They have four children, a grandchild, and two dogs (Zack and Zoe´) and live in the Baltimore/Washington metro area.  They spent many years traveling the world teaching the Bible before founding EL Church in 2001.

The main thrust of Michael’s teaching is helping every person become their best.  He teaches in an open, accessible style filled with humor and historical insights.  He also oversees The Church School, a leadership training course, each Sunday morning at 9am.  Michael enjoys studying history and science and loves watching space movies and has studied German, Spanish, Chinese and Bulgarian.  You can connect with Michael on social media here.

Lisa is called “mom” by many people and is the founder of Amazing You!, a ministry for women.  She also oversees the children’s ministries of EL Church and directs the creative team.  Lisa enjoys learning new information and relaxing at the beach with a great book.  She has studied both Russian and Bulgarian.  Connect with Lisa on Facebook.